Month: December 2017

Blogmas Day 17 & 18: TTC


I have been having such a hard time trying to figure out what to blog for blogmas Day 17 and 18 since I missed yesterdays; well I was just reading JustTheBeginning-x blogmas post about babies during Christmas time and how those of us who have been trying to conceive for a while cope with the holidays.

Hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now and I am honestly at that point in my life where I no longer want to take pregnancy tests because I hate seeing negative on it. I’m so heartbroken at the fact that we can’t get pregnant as easily as we like and how we probably will have to go to infertility treatments in order to get pregnant.

I know for a fact that holidays are for sure more difficult for those of trying because we so badly wish that we had a little angel in our arms to celebrate with. For me, I try not to think about it…I try to focus on those who are in my life and be grateful for that.

For those of you who are trying, I am sending lots and lots of baby dust your way this Holiday season…

Blogmas Day 16: Candy Cane Lane

My husband and I decided to take my niece to Candy cane lane here in Woodland Hills, CA! You basically drive through a few blocks and see houses that are beautiful decorated for the Holidays. We have been going to candy cane lane for the past few years but I feel like every year it has been getting less and less decorated and is slowly losing its beauty of it. I remember how much the homeowners use to go all out to decorate the houses for people to visit and now it’s only a few houses that still go all out. I wanted to share a few pictures that I took tonight…

Blogmas Day 15: Night Time Skin Care Routine.

2017-12-15 21.50.26

I normally have dry skin but during the winter it is so much worse; I wanted to take this time to share my night time skin care routine…

What is your favorite Facial Moisturizer?


Blogmas Day 13: Anxiety

For today’s blogmas, I wanted to share a few tips on how to deal with anxiety! I have been having on and off anxiety all day today and I cannot figure out why.

Every one of us has experienced anxiety one way or another and it’s not something fun or enjoyable… I absolutely hate it! I especially hate it more so when I have an anxiety whole at work like today!

Here are a few tips and tricks that I do while I’m having an anxiety:

  • Take deep breaths and slowly count to 20.
  • Get some fresh air.
  • Drink chamomile tea.
  • Lay down and close your eyes for a few minutes while taking deep breaths.
  • Watch funny YouTube videos.
  • Listen to relaxation music.
  • Stretch.
  • Drink some water.

These are some of the things I do to help me calm down, is there anything specific that you do to help with an anxiety attack?


Blogmas Day 12: 2017 New Year Resolution Update

We only have less than three weeks left of 2017 so I wanted to look back at the resolutions I had made a year ago for this year and see what I stuck with and what I didn’t…Here is what my 2017 new year resolutions were:

Here are my 2017 resolutions/goals:

◦ Eat healthier, exercise on a weekly basis…lose weight & get healthier!

◦ Manage money better…spend less on things we want and save more.

◦ Move out of my parents house with my husband.

◦ Be more productive and less lazy.

◦ Learn Spanish!

◦ Blog 3 to 5 times a week.


  • Ok let’s start off with the resolution that is on everyone’s new year goal… to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise! I have been better about exercising, not as good as I would like to have been but better than I was so that’s good. I haven’t lost that much weight, only a few pounds but I guess that’s better than none… right???
  • To manage money better, we have been better about managing our money more this year than ever before so yay!
  • We still live with my parents, we tried moving out but there were a few issues so we shall try again in a few months!
  • I have been better about being more productive but again not as much as I would love to be.
  • My Spanish is still the same sadly!
  • And I failed at blogging 3 to 5 times a week!

How did you do this year with your 2017 Resolution/goals???


Blogmas Day 8 to 11… what happened???

It has been such a crazy crazy busy few days and I just didn’t get a chance to blog for those few blogmas days and I’m sad over it, I really was hoping I wouldn’t miss a day let alone a few but sadly sometimes life happens. But onto happier things, my sister in law had her handsome baby boy on Thursday so that’s another reason why I was so busy. I’m so in love with him ❤️

I did want to share the photo I took outside of target last night of the beautiful sunset that we were having!


Blogmas Day 7: Praying…

It has been such a sad and scary few days here in California. There has been four different fires all around my city and it has been so scary!

I’m praying and thinking for those who have been affected by them, who had to evacuate and leave their homes and belonging behind! I’m grateful for all the amazing firefighter and those who are volunteer to help.

Please take a minute to pray for everyone!


Blogmas Day 6: Self Care

Life can get so busy sometimes with work, school, family, friend, etc that we forget to care for ourselves. I know I always put myself last; if I’m being completely honest with you and myself, the only thing I do to care for myself is get my nails done on a monthly basis… that’s all!

In my previous blog post, I made a list of healthy lifestyle habits and one was to practice self care,. I know that I have to change and start taking better care of myself and so should you! Here are a few ways to practice self-care on a daily basis:

  1. Pamper yourself – get your nails or hair done!
  2. Get a massage!
  3. Take a bath!
  4. Write out your thoughts… let it all out!
  5. Drink more water.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Get enough sleep!
  8. Take a break from technology and social media for a bit every day!
  9. Meditate.
  10. Read a book.
  11. Don’t be afraid to say no!
  12. Let go on what you cannot control!
  13. You can please everyone, so don’t try!
  14. Be kind to yourself.
  15. Do what makes you happy!

What are some things you do to take care of yourself???


Blogmas Day 5: Lifestyle Changes…

2017-12-04 19.55.42.jpg

In a few weeks, we will be saying goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018 with new goals and new resolutions. I wanted to take the time today to write a list of ten healthy lifestyle changes that you can start incorporating into your everyday life starting today or even the beginning of January if you wish…

  1. Drink more water, in fact you should be drinking half of your weight in oz of water a day.
  2. Eat slowly.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast.
  4. Take the stairs.
  5. Wake up early.
  6. Practice self- care.
  7. Create morning rituals you’ll look forward to every morning.
  8. Practice Positive thinking.
  9. Go for a walk.
  10. Know how to slow down and be present.



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